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December 26, 2016

Congratulations Peru Team!

Great job and congratulations to everyone on the Peru team for implementing their rainwater catchment system project in Peru! The team is excited to have provided the Community of Payorote in the Peruvian Amazon with a rainwater catchment system. The community now has clean water to drink, wash, cook and clean and their health will improve with the reduction of waterborne illness. Thank you to everyone who donated their time, talents, money, energy, and anything else they chose to give in support of the success of this project. Each of our team members played an important role and we hope you all grew from this experience. We set out with a goal to implement this project within a year, and we met that goal! Yea!!! We especially thank our partners at Rotary and Amazon Promise. We would also like to thank our EWB chapter board for providing monetary support and our National organization for providing counsel and guidance. To our 20+ team members on the Peru team, you have made such an impact on our friends in Payorote. I’m proud of you. It has been so fun to work with you all! Thank you.

Below are some pictures of the completed project, the team and some community members, and a happy sloth.

-John Leonard, President