Rainwater Catchment System, Peru


Amazon, Payorote Community, Maynas Province, District of Nauta, Peru (51 miles from Iquitos, Peru)


Payorote, a small community of about 300 people, presents a unique challenge due to its remote location on the banks of the Amazon river and ageing population with nearly no income. Payorote lacks access to clean water for drinking, cooking, hygiene, etc. This lack of clean water causes an increase in the spread of water-borne illness and other diseases common to the region.

This project’s goal is to create a sustainable rainwater catchment system that provides clean drinking water to the community. Rainwater catchment was the selected solution because Payorote receives over 200 inches of rain each year. This project will provide clean, safe drinking water for the community, reduce illness and provide a source of income to sustain the maintenance and upkeep of the system.

Our team members have worked with an Non-Government Organization (NGO) called Amazon Promise, that has worked in this region of Peru for over 20 years. We are partnering with Amazon Promise and Rotary International in Houston and Peru to complete this project. To learn more about Amazon Promise visit


The mission of this program is to help the people of Payorote use the resources at their disposal to gain access to clean water. We hope to empower this impoverished community with the tools and education needed to sustain the system.


July 2015



We are working on the design of our rainwater catchment system, fundraising through Rotary and developing an educational plan for the Payorote community. We need volunteers in all these areas. Please contact us using the button below to find out how you can help us provide the Payorote community with a reliable clean water supply!


  • John Leonard, Project Lead
  • Glenn Reese, Project Lead
  • Carlos Fuentes, Responsible Engineer In Charge
  • Mark Illian, Design Team Lead
  • Minela Bajrovic, Fundraising Leads
  • Ashley Francis, Education Team Lead
  • Jose Valles, In-country Liaison (Amazon Promise)
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