Bergnek Clean Water Project, South Africa


Bergnek Community, Polokwane Municipal Area, Limpopo Province, South Africa


Bergnek is a community of roughly 3,500 people. The village was founded after the farmers in the surrounding area were displaced by the Land Reform Act of 1996 and moved to the Bergnek village.

In the community there is some water supply via a well to the community but it is insufficient and requires a lot of manual transportation. In some cases, the city has delivered water to the school to help with the shortfall. Beyond water needs, there is a lack of proper sanitation, housing, community centers, and business employment opportunities. Our Chapter will focus on the water shortfall first and expand to other areas after successful implementation of the first project.

There is currently an NGO called My Arms Wide Open working with the community since 2010. They have worked to secure a water pump for the community and are working on agricultural, hygiene, and microfinance projects in the community. To learn more about My Arms Wide Open visit

Also, we will be working with the Polokwane Municipality. They will work with us on the standards and requirements in South Africa as well as help provide some design expertise as well.

The Peace Corp and Polokwane Rotary Club have been in discussion with the community and chapter and may offer a partnering opportunity later on.


The mission of this program is to help people gain access to more clean water and empowering the community with the tools and education needed to sustain the system.


July 2014


Post-Assessment Completed, Polokwane Municipality Electrical Work Completed 9/2016. Anticipated Implementation Trip Travel Winter 2016

We are actively looking for support on all fronts. We need volunteers to help (engineers and non-engineers a like!), sponsors to donate, and supporters to help us spread the word. Please contact us using the button below to find out how you can help us provide the Bergnek community with a reliable clean water supply!


  • Shasi Munukutla, Project Lead
  • Glenn Osterwisch, Assoc. Lead
  • Travis Spiegelhauer, Advisor, Former Lead
  • Mike Terry, Responsible Engineer In Charge
  • Rich Koenig, Alt. Responsible Engineer In Charge
  • Vacant, Fundraising Team Lead
  • Billy Schoelman, Education Lead
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