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August 9, 2015

South Africa Implementation Trip

Our South Africa team has plans to travel on their implementation trip later this fall and is seeking your support!


The team will be expanding the existing water supply system of the Bergnek Community, a village of 1500+ people who do not currently have enough water to meet their needs. Specifically, the team install a new water well pump, upgrade an existing pump, and expand the water delivery system. Our team recently received approval on our Final Design paperwork and has just completed a presentation to the national EWB representatives, going over our plan and design. From a planning and design perspective, the project is nearly 100% complete. The only thing we now lack is funds.

And that’s where we’re asking for your help!┬áThe total cost of the project will exceed $40,000, and we still have much of that to raise if we’re going to be able to reach our goal of implementing in October. While we’re currently pursuing other fundraising, such as grants and events, we’re reaching out to those in our personal and professional networks to help us with small donations. Please consider supporting our trip and helping us bring clean drinking water to the people of the Bergnek Community!

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Finally, we’re asking for your help soon because all private donations will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, but our local chapter of EWB, the Central Houston Professional Chapter! This is only for a limited time, so please donate today! Also, please help us spread the word by forwarding this to your personal contacts and sharing our post on facebook!

We greatly appreciate any and all help you can offer to our team.


The South Africa Project Team
EWB-USA Central Houston Professional Chapter

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