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January 27, 2016

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers needed for EWB India Biogas Project (

We are currently working to complete the Alternative Analysis (523 Form) Report to EWB.  But we need some help with completing the biogas plant design and completing the gas distribution option analysis.  As well as pricing equipments and material cost to select the final design.

Below are a list of our needs and personnel needed to accomplish them.  If anyone would like to help, Please contact me at  Your help would be much appreciated!

  1. Need better awareness of & communication with potential local equipment & material suppliers, to refine cost estimate (pumps, portable gas bags, heater, piping/fittings, instrumentation, cement, & other raw materials) – Procurement Person
  2. Need pipeline design support – Pipeline Engineer
  3. Need digester vessel construction support, to make decision between concrete, brick, fiberglass or other options& refine the plant layout – Civil Engineer
  4. Digester cover & storage design support – HDPE & other options, sealing/interface design, safety considerations; currently using NRCS Waste Facility Cover Code 367 as guidance. – Tanks Engineer